Smart Use Of Your PC Avoids Viruses

travelcomputerIf you want to ensure that your personal data remains safe, then the best thing that you can do is to ensure that you follow a few simple habits to ensure that your computer is protected and that you aren’t doing anything to encourage the appearance of viruses or malware.  Believe it or not, it’s possible to avoid malware and viruses completely.  Take a look at this list of how to ensure that your computer stays safe.

1.) Only browse safe internet neighborhoods.  This is key – there are internet neighborhoods out there that are well known for being hotbeds of viruses and malware and other bad things.  These tend to be the gambling, adult, and hacking neighborhoods.  Avoid browsing these sites and you’ll avoid getting hit by a drive by installation or worse.

2.)  Ensure that you’re running antimalware and antivirus software.  No computer should be without these key components.  Sometimes antivirus software will not detect common malware threats, so if you’re having a problem with malware then we definitely suggest that you look into some of the more popular software programs, such as Spyhunter 4 and Malwarebytes.

3.)  Don’t download strange or unknown files.  This is especially true if you’re a fan of download sites. You’ll just introduce a whole slew of bad programs into your computer.  We recommend only downloading what you absolutely need, and only from trusted sites.

4.)  Never open suspicious looking emails.  This is very important – it’s very easy to accidentally open an attachment that is actually a virus.  If you’re suspicious of it – do not open it.  Contact the friend that sent the email.

5.)  Keep your software up to date.  If Adobe is telling you there is an update to one of its products, such as Flash, then you should absolutely download the update.  Do the same for Windows, your Internet browser, and everything else.  Don’t be lazy and put it off – often these updates patch security holes.

Signs Someone Is Into You – Or Are They Just Friendly?

interesteOne of the hardest things to discern when you’re in a friendship – turned – more situation (ore even if you’re just trying to suss out an acquaintance) is whether or not a person is flirting or just being friendly.  It can sometimes be quite hard to tell the difference, especially if you don’t know the person all that well and you can’t assess whether or not they act this way with all people – or if you are an exception to the rule.

I ran into this problem recently with a new friend of mine.  She was acting very flirtatious and friendly.  I thought the friendliness was over and above.  She was acting suspiciously like she liked me.  The problem was that she had this lingering relationship that she was in.  All reports were that the relationship was horrible, and they had even already broken up once.  I was hoping that they would separate but the apparent flirting started before that.  She would go out of her way to see me, although it was kind of masked behind last minute invites.  However she would text me that she had fun hanging out with me, and would tell me that she would go places and that she thought of me (these were places that she goes quite often, it’s not like I’m the first to go there with her).

She would seem to give me special attention.  Some of the stuff she would text me I can’t imagine her saying to others.  She’s just not that bubbly!

But – she has a girlfriend.  So my hands are tied.  Am I supposed to flirt back? I can’t do it in good conscious.  I don’t want to be the reason someone breaks up with someone.  Now, if she likes me and it’s a catalyst for finally getting out of her bad relationship, that’s one thing.  But I don’t think I should do too much to create that situation.  I don’t know.  I really like her and I don’t want to poison the situation from the get-go.

All in all it’s so hard to tell, and since I feel a bit uncomfortable to flirt back, I have no clue what to do.